About Us

Latitude Mission:

Latitude isup boards use the highest quality materials, seaming, stiffening and weight reduction to create a genuine, awesome board. Our computer designed inflatable¬†standup paddle boards have clean lines, simple graphics and the most advanced materials. We’re bringing you the lightest boards on the market.

You will not be able to find a company that offers a better, high quality, inflatable standup paddle board that is truly ultra light weight (under 15lbs). We’re opening up the paddling market to enable you to carry your paddle board where few have paddled before. Whether you want to travel, hike or simply have the nicest, light weight board on the deck of your sailboat, Latitude boards are simply the best inflatable paddle boards you can buy.



Growing up in the Pacific Northwest my love of the water has always been close at hand. As a professional industrial designer, I’ve designed hundreds of products in just about every industry from high tech at HP and Micron to sporting goods at K2 and Tenkara. I founded¬†ZiO Design Studio, an industrial design firm in Boise, ID. Latitude Sports is a dream come true. Designing a product line from the ground up, without restrictions. Light weight is only the start of the isup innovation we are developing. The stand up paddle board industry is still young and there are so many improvements that my team and I want to show the world. We look forward to making paddle boarding easier and better for you, our customers.

Dennis Terenzio